Best forms of software development


We provide all forms of modern software development using Java, NodeJS, iOS, web-design and software development consulting.


Code is the heart of every project. Git, github, code reviews and test-driven development allows us to successfully manage the essential part of the project.


We try hard to make every pixel look amazing. On a more higher level — we think-out the user interaction in details.


We will share the best ideas for your project and consult you about the best technologies to use and how to organize the development and keep project alive.

Cloud support

We'll help you to deploy your project to the cloud, to scale your business.

Apps for Mac and PC

We'll develop a Mac app, optimized for OS X. Also we can develop web-app to work on Windows and other platforms.

Mobile iOS and web-apps

Were ready for mobilegeddon and can create app to work in web-browser and make an app specifically for the iOS for iPhone or iPad.


We use the most advanced technologies. Here is just a few.

Git and GitHub is the standard for source-code management and web-content management. Download GitHub for Mac or Windows.

DigitalOcean — is our cloud partner. The best hosting for web-sites and web-apps with simple Control Panel. We've special offer for our clients. Sign-up now and get extra credit on DigitialOcean.

The most advanced technology in web-development. We work with Node JS, NPM abd full-stack frameworks based on this platform.

We work with different storages. We like MySQL & Mongo.

Here is some programming languages that we use: Javascript, Coffeescript, Ruby, Java, Objective-C, Swift, Python.

Trello — amazingly simple & flexible tool for project planning and task tracking.


Livesystems — is a small company based in Voronezh, Russia. Certificate 36 No. 003558595 registered at 16.05.2013.

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